A Weebly Post Leaps into the Top Dozen in the Search Results

On Feb. 27 2011, I had published a quick blog entry on Weebly, titled Firestick Cactus is a Danger with Many Names. The reason is that I have a couple of articles on this subject on other sites; those articles are in the top dozen in Google search results pages. I wanted to learn whether my Weebly blog had a fair chance of being listed by Google.

It did take eight days for this article to be listed. If memory serves, my first Weebly post took about two weeks.

Much to my satisfaction, the new article was 11th in Canada and 12th in the USA’s Google results for the key phrase “firestick cactus” (without quotes). This was especially exciting as Google had adjusted its algorithm for USA searches back on Feb. 24, to promote quality articles over “content farms”.

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