Check Freelancer’s “Milestone Payments” Manually

We service providers at Freelancer appreciate receiving payment. We also know that, when someone posts a message onto the private message board of an active project, Freelancer sends a notification e-mail to our own external mailbox. (For example, my notifications go to mike.dehaan at

In the past, any escrow payments made into the Freelancer account also triggered a similar notification e-mail.

A few weeks ago, however, one buyer made his payment to my account. In a previous communication, he said he was getting over an illness but would let me know about his final approval for the project.

Well, I did not receive any notifications. When I posted a message to him, he said “I paid you already? Did you not receive it?”. I checked the “milestone payments”: there it was. I clicked “release” as the “action”.

Since it has not been released yet, I suspect that my action did not send him a notification e-mail either.

QUICK Freelancer TIP: From the second row of your main menu:

  • Hover over “Payments”
  • Click on “Manage Milestone Payments”
  • Scroll down to see whether any payments are waiting for you
  • If so, and it is time to cash in, click the down-arrow on “action” and select “Request to Release”
  • Follow-up by posting a message to your service buyer on the project’s private message board

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