How to Make a Minor WordPress Change through Brute Force

TIP on how to make a minor WordPress design change, such as changing the colour of visited link, in one place or many:

  • Open the style.css from Appearance / Editor
  • Ensure you know the HTML tag, such as “color: #0000AA;”
  • Make sure this is a bright colour that will jump out at you when you try it out
  • Add this line of code once, “update”, and switch to a different window to see the change
  • If it changed the correct elements, document it with “/* change #01 to colour of visited link */
  • If it was the wrong change, comment it out with the “/* oops, this did ABC instead of XYZ */; then go to the next likely spot and try again
  • Remember to change the colour to the one you really want…that bright colour may not be perfect
  • Also document the change up in the comments at the top
  • Copy and paste all the text into a notepad .txt file so you can read it without logging in as a designer
  • “Update” the style.css to save your documentation, then log out

This is a “brute force” approach because you just take one step after another, keeping track of the mistakes and eventually you will make the right change.

The alternative is to carefully study the theme’s style.css until you know exactly what to do, and do it right the first time. If you succeed, you have my praise. I took this “brute force” approach to my current client’s project because it was quicker than analyzing the code and guessing wrong…over and over. (Well, about three overs).

In my spare time, I really need to study “how to WordPress”.


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