Multi-Tasking, or Stirring All the Pots

This post will be brief, since I am fully engaged with one client’s work and also need to stir the other simmering pots.

That might be the best image for this post: a chef keeping several pots and pans cooking without scorching.

The inspiration for this article is something I see myself doing from time to time. I become very busy with one project, then get stuck with some niggling problem. Suddenly my productivity dives.

The solution seems to be to resume working on something else. Keep other activities going!

Clearly there is the danger of allowing small tasks to prevent the big one from getting done. It is important to do the most important things first. But eventually that will prevent anything else from being completed.


  1. If one task gets stuck, start another…rather than just taking a break.
  2. Regardless of tip #1, try to focus on the most important task.
  3. An alternative to tips 1 and 2 is: budget your time (2 hours for the top job; every other task gets 15 minutes).

I need to get back to my other tasks now…


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