Read the Contract Twice

Today’s tidbit of advice to myself is: read the project description.

A recent client thanked me for my work and asked for the bill. Since this was contracted through a third-party website that normally has fixed-price projects, I replied “I had bid $X and would not try to ask for more”.

The polite reply was “I asked for a bid on the basis of #Y words, but it explicitly said that you would be paid proportionately for 500-word increments”.

Well, I was blushing as I re-read the project description. Yes, there it was, clear as day. Microsoft Word gave me the word count so I could send the invoice.

I know why I had forgotten that part of the project description: I had been overwhelmed by the amount of detail it needed. Besides, I lost several hours of sleep last night finishing the draft that was accepted.


Read the project description or contract, especially when you think the scope is creeping…or when you think everything is just fine.


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