My First Affiliate Sale through Squidoo and Amazon

Here is a moment of shameless self-promotion and boasting. Some months ago I signed up with Squidoo to create web pages, or “Lenses” as Squidoo calls them. I now have exciting news:

“The DeHaan Lens for Coat Rack Stands” has racked up my first affiliate sale for an “Oak Finish Wood Hall Tree Coat Rack” via Amazon.

The Business Case to Write Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo is a pretty popular site. Its current Alexa rank is #186, meaning that Alexa figures it is the 186th-most-visited site on the Internet. It has a large number of categories, with many, many lenses in each.

Squidoo provides a “social blogging” site, with little editorial supervision. I suspect that they would disable lenses or disenfranchise members upon complaints of breaking rules. They do try to recognize high quality lenses. They encourage people to follow other members, to visit their lenses and vote for favourites.

Squidoo also provides serious tools to monetize one’s lenses. They actively promote adding Amazon modules, so a typical lens has many links to products featured in Amazon. Squidoo makes it clear that these affiliate sales, or pay-per-action (PPA) bring the most revenue to the author of a lens.

In addition, Squidoo shares revenue from other on-page advertising, both pay-per-clickthrough (PPC, where the visitor clicks through on an advertisement) and probably pay-per-1000-views  (PPM, where ‘M’ is the abbreviation for the Latin “Mille” or 1,000…should have been PPKV but the Great Squid isn’t used to the metric system) too.

Squidoo also offers other sales modules, including e-Bay auctions updated when the page is loaded.

In the past two months, I’ve earned just over 50 cents per month on 13 lenses, simply by being visited a bit. I had fallen into despair, thinking that I would never make a sale. Now, oh joy and rapture, someone has bought something.

As I understand Squidoo’s arrangement, they hold back any affiliate earnings for a month to ensure that the buyer does not cancel the purchase. So it may be late May or sometime in June before I see an actual dollar value assigned to this sale.

Of course Squidoo takes a cut of the commission from Amazon. That’s fine…I don’t think my self-branded blogs qualify for affiliate sales yet, based on low readership.

The Key Point for New Bloggers

The key point: Squidoo offers new bloggers a site with the instant opportunity to earn based on page views, click-throughs and  affiliate sales.

If only people would buy a Shaker coffee table or a 5-piece Mission style master bedroom set from my other lenses…


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