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Temporary Tests for MCC Black Creek Pioneer Village

I’ve added a new page, with sub-pages, and changed the WordPress theme from “Spectrum” to “Elegant Grunge” while I prepare to copy the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Toronto Mennonite Festival (Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale) (BCPV) site from another platform to WordPress.

MCC (Canada) is a Mennonite relief organization. The BCPV Relief Sale is one of their many fund-raising events, held every September in Toronto.

My apologies to anyone who dislikes the change. It is necessary because the “Spectrum” theme does not support sub-pages, at least not without tweaking.

Plus a New Permanent Page

I am also adding the “Directory of DeHaan Web Sites” page to this site. This is a no-brainer; it perfectly fulfills the purpose of this site.

So, why has it taken me over a month to think of doing it?

Web Design Tip: Remember to do the obvious, especially after getting past the tricky technical tasks.

WordPress Web Design Tip

Two really important web design decisions are:

  • How many columns?
  • How many sub-pages?

Some bloggers may hardly notice whether they are dealing with one, two or three columns; at least, not at a conscious level. It is a pretty obvious feature, so it will get some attention. This site has two columns.

The number of sub-pages can be critical to business sites. A blogger might get away with the main blog, plus an “About” page. A business might want “About”, “Sales”, “Service” and “Contact” as separate main pages, and then a series of sub-pages for each. For example, “About: History”, “About: Founders”, “About: Community Involvement” may follow under “About”. Each product line might have a separate sub-page under “Sales”.

For an information site, such as the MCC BCPV site, it is important to organize the pages to lead visitors to easily find the information they need, while also supporting casual browsing from page to page.

You could refer to my DeHaan Services site for an example of three columns and sub-pages under “About”.

Two New Posts at Decoded Science: Curcumin and Fibonacci

The Claims for Curcumin

My “Brief Survey of the Health Benefits of Curcumin” was my first article in the Health section of Decoded Science. As noted in my Weebly article, “Curry Versus Cancer via the Curcumin in Turmeric“, this D.S. article was actually one of three based on research into turmeric, curcumin and related health claims.

"Powdered Turmeric Spice" by Cherrie Rhodes

"Powdered Turmeric Spice" by Cherrie Rhodes

The Fibonacci Sequence

I also followed up in the Mathematics section with “Introducing the Fibonacci Sequence“.

"Floral Fibonacci Number" by Mike DeHaan

"Floral Fibonacci Number" by Mike DeHaan

Fibonacci numbers arise in a variety of lifeforms, including flower petals. The Fibonacci sequence is a gateway to several important concepts in mathematics. This article explains how to calculate Fibonacci numbers.

I publicized this article in my DeHaan Services home site in the blog post “The Fibonacci Sequence at Decoded Science“.

Business Tips for Freelance Writing

Note that I use a variety of blog sites to publicize and provide backlinks to my freelance articles. The hope is that these links will drive traffic to the articles, whether by people who read and click through, or by giving more “search engine credibility” to the original article.

The Tesseract is Published at Decoded Science

Today my first article, “The Tesseract: Folding and Unfolding a Simple 4D Hypercube” was published on the new site, “Decoded Science“.

"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04

"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04

My article provides an easy introduction to the tesseract, with some fascinating visuals.

Freelancer Tips

This tip for freelance professionals comes in two parts.

First, look for new opportunities. Decoded Science was started by one of the Suite 101 writers who believed that there was a great business opportunity in starting a new, tightly-focused web site. This would be especially true since Google’s “Panda” (or “farmer”) change in late February had penalized Suite 101, among other sites.

Second, build good relationships with peers. Several of Decoded Science‘s first contributors are freelance writers who regularly submit articles to Suite 101. The invitation to collaborate in the new venture depended on being recognized in a previous setting.

The Launch of the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog”

What is the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog”?

My new blog, “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog” has been launched on Google’s Blogger platform.

When is it Available?

Today, May 6, 2011, witnessed the first blog post and the first draft of the “About” page.

What Does it Cover?

So far, so little. The three goals of that blog site are: to serve readers with interesting and useful information about fitness and weight control; to promote DeHaan Services, which customizes fitness and weight control programs; and to point to other articles on related subjects.

Why Mention the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog” on this Business Page?

The business tip is: Add a blog to publicize your business. Try to build readership, even if it is outside of your primary business site.

Why not simply blog on the DeHaan Services site? First, because these articles should target two audiences: local Torontonians living in the Beach or Little India who may become in-person clients; as well as readers interested in the fitness and weight control topics. Second, to provide more links to more articles that I write elsewhere. Third, this site should also become monetized in the future, so even general readership should add to my revenue stream.

Remember that search engines reward intelligently constructed links, and also reward sites with topic-specific URLs. Setting up a blog for a specific niche can provide healthy marketing at no cost in cash and a little in time and effort.

Monetizing Blogs with Kontera

I recently signed up with, and began using, Kontera for in-text advertising in my Weebly Writing blog and on the DeHaan Services site.

Kontera serves context-smart advertising by creating a link on key words inside the text of an article. Each ad is shown with double-underline and a colour that may be adjusted to contrast with the site’s usual link colours. Kontera also supports fine-tuning: one may refuse ads from specific sites; one may turn off advertising in specific sections of the article or page; one may tune the density of the ads.

Comparing Kontera with AdSense

Kontera differs from Google’s AdSense advertising, since AdSense places advertising boxes outside the text, usually in the margins of the page. Kontera and AdSense may co-exist on one page, since they use different areas of the web page.

Like AdSense, Kontera does not support pornographic or spam sites. Unlike AdSense, however, Kontera is willing to work with any site regardless of how poorly it has been visited.

Notes on Kontera

As mentioned, one Kontera account can serve advertising on multiple sites. For the publisher to track performance by site, they give a different account/site number for each.

One surprise is that Kontera wants to know your site’s topic; by default, that topic will apply to all your sites. I have not asked them to support different topics for the different sites. For example, I chose the “health” topic for DeHaan Services because it anchors my fitness and weight control business. That means, however, that when I add a blog post about an article on the Sacred Ibis, Kontera will not feed ads into it.

Since this DeHaan Directory is a non-premium WordPress blog, I am not permitted to monetize it with Kontera…or with AdSense, or by any other means.

Mike DeHaan Credit (Action Sports International)

Mike DeHaan (Credit: Action Sports International, during a race)

Hint: Pursue the Opportunity

If you write and publish online, with control over your own headers and footers so you are can monetize this site, consider adding Kontera in-text advertising.