The Launch of the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog”

What is the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog”?

My new blog, “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog” has been launched on Google’s Blogger platform.

When is it Available?

Today, May 6, 2011, witnessed the first blog post and the first draft of the “About” page.

What Does it Cover?

So far, so little. The three goals of that blog site are: to serve readers with interesting and useful information about fitness and weight control; to promote DeHaan Services, which customizes fitness and weight control programs; and to point to other articles on related subjects.

Why Mention the “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Blog” on this Business Page?

The business tip is: Add a blog to publicize your business. Try to build readership, even if it is outside of your primary business site.

Why not simply blog on the DeHaan Services site? First, because these articles should target two audiences: local Torontonians living in the Beach or Little India who may become in-person clients; as well as readers interested in the fitness and weight control topics. Second, to provide more links to more articles that I write elsewhere. Third, this site should also become monetized in the future, so even general readership should add to my revenue stream.

Remember that search engines reward intelligently constructed links, and also reward sites with topic-specific URLs. Setting up a blog for a specific niche can provide healthy marketing at no cost in cash and a little in time and effort.

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