The Tesseract is Published at Decoded Science

Today my first article, “The Tesseract: Folding and Unfolding a Simple 4D Hypercube” was published on the new site, “Decoded Science“.

"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04

"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04

My article provides an easy introduction to the tesseract, with some fascinating visuals.

Freelancer Tips

This tip for freelance professionals comes in two parts.

First, look for new opportunities. Decoded Science was started by one of the Suite 101 writers who believed that there was a great business opportunity in starting a new, tightly-focused web site. This would be especially true since Google’s “Panda” (or “farmer”) change in late February had penalized Suite 101, among other sites.

Second, build good relationships with peers. Several of Decoded Science‘s first contributors are freelance writers who regularly submit articles to Suite 101. The invitation to collaborate in the new venture depended on being recognized in a previous setting.

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