Introducing the DeHaan Fitness Site

My recent “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control” blog on Blogspot was launched without being properly welcomed here in the DeHaan Directory. That’s a shameful admission in an age when all content must be promoted and cross-referenced to within a centimetre of its digital life.

Primary Purpose for the DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Site

To quote myself, my primary goal for that site is to “help visitors with useful fitness and weight control information”.

Accidental Cross-Training Led to a Deliberate Article

My “Fortunately Running is Cross-Training for Cycling” relates how I, a runner, came to be involved in a 100Km (Americans should think “60 miles”) bicycle ride with a group of friends. My article includes comments and a tip on cross-training.


"Mike DeHaan as a Cyclist" by Roger Horst

"Mike DeHaan as a Cyclist" by Roger Horst

So I took advantage of that experience to write an article. It is important to freshen every web site with new content. Fitness is very relevant to that site, and personal experience as a participant can be a refreshingly helpful perspective when someone becomes too comfortable as a “coach” or “trainer”.

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