Crude Oil Prices and Refined Gasoline Costs

Do Crude Oil Costs Give Consumers Gas Pains?

I wanted to put extra emphasis on my latest Suite 101 article, “Is Demand for Scarce Crude Oil the Only Cause of High Gas Prices?“.

"Worship the Oil Derrick" by skampy

“Worship the Oil Derrick” by skampy

When we drive up our demand for dwindling reserves of crude oil, we know this may drive up the price of gasoline. Does anything else contribute to setting gas prices? Can we drivers possibly reduce our own gas costs, or the price of gas at the pumps? Or does OPEC completely control crude oil prices, and thus set gasoline prices worldwide?

Promoting My “…High Gas Prices” Article Elsewhere

At first the heading was “Promoting “…High Gas Prices“; that did not carry my message.

I always promote my online articles by publicizing them in two of my other sites.

DeHaan Services simply notes the article in “Linking Gas Prices and Crude Oil Prices“. This publicity mainly serves to let readers know that I provide copy writing services (among others).

My Blog of Writing‘s entry “Crude Oil Prices and Gas Prices are the Keywords” continues my tradition of including some writing tips for Internet authors.

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