Mennonite Channels and Articles in Suite 101 for Nov. 2012

Faithful readers could simply check my “DeHaan at Suite 101” page for this news, but I wanted to highlight it as a blog article.

Early in Nov. 2012, Suite 101 has re-opened itself for its past writers to begin building channels and writing new articles.

Notes on the Revived Suite 101 Online Magazine

"Menno Simons" by unknown

“Menno Simons” by unknown

Let me start by introducing Suite 101.

What is Suite 101?

Suite 101 is an online magazine with many contributing freelance authors. Each author is free to write on any number of topics, and to submit as many articles as often as one likes.

Suite 101 pays its writers on a revenue sharing basis.

What is a Suite 101 Channel?

The question of just what is a channel at Suite 101 has been questioned by the writers, since it is a difficult concept to explain.

At Suite 101, a channel is basically a topic or subject area. Any number of authors may submit any number of articles to a channel. Any one article may only be linked to one channel at a time, however.

Any writer can create a channel, or request to be accepted as a contributor to some else’s channel.

A new channel must be approved by a member of the full-time editorial staff before it launches. One prerequisite for approval is that the author contributes a new article to that channel.

Older articles may remain outside of channels, or assigned to an appropriate channel by its author, if the author is a contributor to that channel.

Another way to think of a channel is that it simply works as a “link page” that points to subordinate pages within the site. The contents of each channel page includes a brief description of the channel, and links with an image, title and introduction to that article.

My Three New Mennonite Channels at Suite 101

"Dirk Willemsz Rescues his Pursuer" by Spangineer from Martyrs Mirror

“Dirk Willemsz Rescues his Pursuer” by Spangineer from Martyrs Mirror

So far I’ve contributed three channels to my Suite 101 presence.

My Three Recent Mennonite Articles for my Suite 101 Channels

Each channel was launched with a new article, but includes some of my older ones also. My new articles are:

I personally, and Suite 101 in particular, would like to see comments and discussion within the Suite 101 articles. See you there!

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