Predict Baby Eye Colour in Decoded Pregnancy

My first Decoded Pregnancy article was published a day after they launched into cyberspace.

What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? Math For Pregnancy Prediction” covers the odds for your baby’s eye colour. That, of course, depends on the parents as well as the luck of genetic inheritance.

Can Genetics and Math Predict Baby Eye Colour?

"Simple Baby Eye Color Predictor" : image by Mike DeHaan

“Simple Baby Eye Color Predictor” : image by Mike DeHaan

My expertise is with the math for a “baby eye colour predictor”, but the genetics portion is fairly simple research.

I was amazed at how many people seem to be searching for ways to predict different characteristics about their yet-to-be-born infants. Maybe there are a few more articles in the works for those topics.

Publicity for Baby Eye Colour Prediction

As always, I publicize this article with a Canadian twist in DeHaan Services. “Predicting Baby Eye Colour during Pregnancy” adds some pointers for Canadian women looking for non-medical support from a trained professional.

As well, in my Blog of Writing, “Preview of Three Pregnancy Predictors“, my clear-eyed writing tip explains how the word “three” was what I intended, and why the article only discusses predicting baby eye colour during pregnancy.

(Updated June 22, 2013): Just as an experiment with this WordPress site, I’ve applied “full justification” to all the text of this article See “A Weebly Tip to Justify Text in an Online Blog” for more details about how to justify text in online articles.

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