Directory of DeHaan Web Sites

This is the actual directory of Mike DeHaan’s web sites.

"Mike DeHaan" (Action Sports International, during a race)

“Mike DeHaan” (Action Sports International)

Sites with Substantial Content

These sites showcase my sites with substantial content. While their focus is on my business efforts, there are articles for readers with specific interest.

Of course, this DeHaan Directory is my way of keeping everything organized behind a blog page.

The DeHaan Services Web Site

DeHaan Services is my home base. The blog is the main landing page. The blog entries range from self-promotional essays through health and fitness tips to events happening in Toronto. It should have the most up-to-date “About Me” page, as well as pages explaining the various freelance services that I provide.

The “Cloud of Tags” in the right-hand column includes “Fitness” and several “Toronto Events” to select those topics. The “Online Articles” tag selects articles that promote my articles in other online magazines.

The brown marmorated stink bug received a lot of attention in the USA in 2010; it is featured in a recent promotion for my science articles.

"Brown Marmorated Stink Bug" by OpenCage

“Brown Marmorated Stink Bug” by OpenCage

OpenCage is a terrific source of high quality “commercial-reuse” images of animals, with very credible labels.

The DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control Web Site

My most recent web site specifically promotes fitness and weight control. These are services I provide in Toronto. This site provides a platform where I can share my knowledge on weight management and personal fitness.

This image illustrated an article on training at high or low intensity.

"Mountain Hare, Lepus timidus" by Shandchem
“Mountain Hare, Lepus timidus” by Shandchem


The DeHaan Blog of Running Web Site

I have yet to begin this site. The goal will be to document my own training program, and of course to promote distance running as a healthy exercise for fitness and weight control.

The DeHaan Blog of Writing Web Site

My writing blog is hosted by Weebly. The main purpose is to promote my other online articles. It also has tips for writers and tips for professional freelance writers.

In June of 2011, I decided to write a more useful article there. It highlighted five insect pests which had been featured in previous articles on other sites. It is still self-promoting, but less so than the “here is my latest article” blog entries.

The image below, featured in my Blog of Writing, promotes an earlier article published in Decoded Science.

"Golden Ratio AB" by Mike DeHaan

“Golden Ratio AB” by Mike DeHaan

The DeHaan Weebly Tips Web Site

While writing in the “Blog of Writing”, I realized that Weebly did not provide all the guidance that I really needed. I kept an experimental blog, noting the mysteries and discoveries involved in blogging on the Weebly platform. Later I decided to turn this into a useful site on its own…although it truly is a sub-set of the “Blog of Writing”.

The DeHaan Directory Web Site

This site…this very site you’re currently visiting…is the directory to my other web sites and online articles.

Mike DeHaan’s Articles are Published on These Sites

I’ve published at least one article on each of these sites. These bookmarks point to my “author’s listing” or “biography” page on each.

  • Decoded Science has my mathematics articles.
  • Environmental Graffiti has many of my “fascinating natural wonders” articles. (Updated Aug. 28, 2014): EG migrated my articles to another site but the links still work.
  • (Updated Aug. 28, 2014): I deleted my Squidoo account today, since I had not decided whether to have those articles migrate to Hubpages.
  • Suite 101 has the biggest variety: natural wonders, Mennonites, book reviews and opinion pieces. (Updated Aug. 28, 2014): Suite 101 also changed their approach but many articles are still available via search engines.
  • Wizzley published my first article in late Dec. 2011. Aspiring authors can sign up through my Wizzley referral link;
  • Paintchips and Pillowcases has not yet launched, but I’m in discussion with its editor.

One of my more popular lenses in Squidoo deals with Amish furniture; my first sale was a non-Amish coat rack stand.

"Coat Rack Stand" by jon_a_ross

“Coat Rack Stand” by jon_a_ross

Mike DeHaan’s Social Network Sites

A social network site allows its members to promote their interest to other members, particularly those who follow or befriend them. My approach is to promote an article once on a social network site; promoting one’s business should normally be limited to the “About Me” page.

  • Facebook is my most active social network site.
  • Google+, or “Google Plus“, is more of a social bookmark site as it begins operating
  • I plan to return to Twitter at some time.

Tip: Social network sites require “engagement”. Take the time to respond to what other people say, at least some of the time. Don’t chime in on everything that everyone says; but show some interest when possible. Promoting one’s own interests should be a small fraction of your contribution to the social network.

Mike DeHaan’s Social Bookmark Sites

A social bookmark site allows its members to follow other members and vote for their articles. StumbleUpon is my most successful site, in that I’ve seen some page views from it to my Suite 101 articles. Please note that Suite 101 provides some analysis tools for its writers to know the queries and referrals that lead to page views; most sites do not supply these tools.

  • BlinkList is a bookmark site with no-follow links to my articles.
  • Delicious is another bookmark site with no-follow links to my articles.
  • Digg also has bookmarks as well as encouraging comments from members.
  • My NetVibes site is organized by online publication; this link brings you to my Environmental Graffiti dashboard.
  • Reddit articles that I have submitted…both those I’ve authored and others I found interesting. Reddit also supports user comments and voting.
  • Join StumbleUpon and then search for “mikedehaan” as a fellow Stumbler; then check my listings. I do follow others back.
  • Xanga has links to my online articles. Register to start your own blog; then find me through this link and read my blog entries.

Generally I follow anyone who follows me, unless they link to illegal or somewhat immoral articles. We may all be in it together to build readership; but I don’t want to promote questionable images, or software or media piracy.

Mike DeHaan’s Promotional Bookmark Sites

The contents on these sites are mainly bookmarks to my freelance articles, but the sites are listed to provide “full disclosure”.

  • has one page with a resume and links to my sites, somewhat like this page.
  • BlinkList is a bookmark site with no-follow links to my articles.
  • Delicious is another bookmark site with no-follow links to my articles. Only at this site, my ID is “mikedehaan88“.
  • Join Digg, log in, search for “mikedehaan”, Digg one PG-rated article, and then “follow” me. I will follow back.
  • Join EverNote to keep your own notes and links, as I keep links to my online articles.
  • FolkD has my bookmarks which you are welcome to review and click and therefore vote up.
  • The KirtsY site seems to be under construction, but I had bookmarked my articles there in the past. This link goes to their home page; I will change it to my list if it ever permits this.
  • My NetVibes site is organized by online publication; this link brings you to my Environmental Graffiti dashboard.
  • Register with NewsMeBack to log your own stories; I do not know how to follow people there, but please let me know
  • Traffup encourages their members to visit each others’ sites; this provides page views but very few clicks into the advertisements. Please join join TraffUP as my affiliate, but read the next paragraph first.

Please note that TraffUP is a visit-exchange site. Google AdSense (and probably other online advertising agencies) do not allow sites displaying their advertisements to promote themselves in this manner. Please do not use TraffUP to promote an article you published on someone else’s site; do not use TraffUP to promote your site if it uses AdSense.

However, TraffUP is perfectly fine to generate some extra page views for a non-monetized site. Please read “TraffUP Tips for Safe and Effective Web Traffic Improvement” first.

None of the above sites charge a fee to join.

Social Networking with Mike DeHaan

Friend me at Facebook: Facebook.

Circle me in Google+ using .

Thanks for visiting!

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