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The “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control” site’s primary purpose is to be my blog about fitness and weight control. It is also a beacon for those aspects of my work through DeHaan Services: Fitness and also “Towards YOUR Trimmer Body“.

Mike DeHaan (Action Sports International)

Mike DeHaan (Action Sports International)

The articles cover a variety of weight and fitness topics…topics that would arise for people trying to lose weight, get trimmer, or become fitter. This page was last updated Dec. 30th, 2013.

The Most Recent Posts at DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control

This section is “organized” from recent to ancient.

Three Running Safety Tips for Sidewalk Training Runs” was written on March 17, after the sidewalks were clear of snow. Unfortunately I made three beginner’s mistakes on my weekend runs; luckily I survived to write about them.

February had some very cold days, and a high number of “cold weather alerts” in Toronto. That led to “Two Cold Weather Running Tips from Two Frigid Days” on Feb. 23.

It’s been a while, but in a mild December 2014, I published “Resuming Hill Training with Gentle Uphill Running“. By mid-January of 2015, a day with a dusting of snow led to “The Tortoise and Hare Approach to Running Pace“.

In Sept. 2013, I added “Discover Your Running Pace for the Long Run” after a little discovery for myself during a Running Room clinic training run.

After Duval’s “5 Outdoor Activities” for summer, I wrote “Hot Weather Exercise without Overheating in Four Steps” to fill in a gap.

Two Guest Articles Despite Business Travel

Guest author Alexandre Duval recommends “5 Outdoor Activities to Help You Stay Fit” for the summer.

Guest writer Mike Manning explains “How to Turn a Business Trip into a Fitness Trip“; very important if you often travel on business.

Another Health Sciences Report against Soda Pop and Soft Drinks; and then Carnitine Supplements

Just see who’s beating up on soda pop in “Another Kick at the Can of Soft Drinks and Soda Pop“.

A follow-up on carnitine, which can be found in energy drinks as well as supplements, came a couple weeks later in “Possible Atherosclerosis Risks from Fat Burning Carnitine“.

First Aid and Ongoing Treatment for Pain from Exercise

We all get muscle pain from over-exercising. When and how should we use heat or cold therapy? “Hot and Cold Therapy for Pain Treatment after Exercise” gets you started.

What about Weight Loss Boot Camps?

It’s nearly spring, so ask yourself whether “Do You Need a Weight Loss Boot Camp This Spring?“.

For the Runner in Winter: Sports Clothing and the Motivation of Races

Four Sports Clothing Tips for Winter Running Gear” covers the sports apparel for cold weather running.

I put some extra effort into publicizing this article in DeHaan Services, in the promotional post “Sports Clothing as Important Winter Running Gear“.

In Nov. 2013, I wrote “Run Races to Keep Motivated for Winter Running“. I’s learned about the new 5Km run added to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade after writing about that topic in DeHaan Services.

What happens when life keeps you from your training program, even though you have motivation? “My Worst Week of 5K Training for the Resolution Run” explains my situation and strategy. I followed up with how it all turned out in “My End of 2013 Resolution Run after a Bad Training Week“.

New Year Resolution to Sleep More to Control Weight

"Beauty Sleep for Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab at Harrods" image by Loco Steve (Steve Wilson)

“Beauty Sleep for Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab at Harrods” image by Loco Steve (Steve Wilson)

Resolve to Lose Weight with More Sleep in the New Year” builds from a recent medical discovery: too little sleep may contribute to increased appetite and, therefore, to problems with being overweight.

Two Healthy Hallowe’en Foods from One

Halloween Ideas for Healthy Eating with Pumpkin” is a quick entry to point out that a pumpkin is much more valuable as food than as a decorative Jack O’Lantern.

Two Seniors Exercise by Running for Fitness

I love it when Fauja Singh and Ed Whitlock grace our city with their running prowess. They are fine examples for us seniors of all ages, a point made in “Seniors Running for Fitness and Glory in Toronto Marathon“.

Triple your Vitamin D

Three Reasons to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency” does not advise you to actually triple your intake, but gives three reasons to consider checking with your doctor about Vitamin D supplements.

"Vitamin D Supplements with Calcium" image by szlea

“Vitamin D Supplements with Calcium” image by szlea

A Dietary Nightmare due to HFCS

LearnStuff’s infographic, “Big Bad Corn”, raises a number of concerns about the USA’s obsession with corn; but my “Corn May Be an American Dietary Nightmare“, published on Sept. 18, 2012, keeps the focus on high fructose corn syrup and its possible effects on weight gain or obesity.

Spectator Sports as an Inspiration for Personal Fitness

Since I hadn’t seen much publicity for them, I wrote “Sample Some Sports at Ontario Summer Games 2012 in Toronto” partly to encourage spectators and especially to encourage them to be inspired to pursue their own fitness by seeing young athletes compete.

Bike or Run for Annual Toronto Charity Events

My personal favourite charity event is not just a challenge for fund-raising; it’s also a challenge to people to get started on healthy fitness goals. “The Toronto Challenge for 5Km of Fitness” combines fitness concepts with the background for this event, which also encourages walking for either 5Km or even 1Km.

While “Great Reasons to Bicycle in Spring 2012” takes a more generic approach rather than promoting a specific charity, but mentions the Becel Ride for Heart.

I moved away from fitness, health or charity but stuck with bicycling in “Will Losing Jarvis Bike Lanes Hurt Bicycle Safety in Toronto?“.

Guest Post on Fitness for Coping with Cancer

Healthy Habits for Coping with Cancer” by guest author David Haas explains the importance of a mild fitness routine for coping with cancer treatment and recovery.

A Timely Weight Loss Tip

Literally, timing your meals can be key to successful weight loss; “One Timely Weight Loss Tip” explains the results of a recent study.

What to Do Before Your Motivation Ebbs Away

Highly motivated people follow their fitness regimens, diet plans or follow whatever path they have charted toward their goals. But most of us have ups and downs in our enthusiasm. “Motivation is a Key Factor for Fitness or Weight Control” explains what we must do with that early surge of motivation in order to succeed in the longer run.

The Risky Diet Drug Clenbuterol

The drug Clenbuterol sometimes makes the news, and “Diet Risks with Clenbuterol” takes a negative view to it.

“Cut the Waist” in 2012; Another Fitness Campaign for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 2013

In mid-Nov. 2013, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claimed he had begun working with a team to help him lose weight and gain fitness. I began covering this fitness campaign in “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Avoids SMART Goal for Fitness“. Will he succeed?

In 2012 I raised some concerns, and offered some suggestions, in my Jan. 20 post “Weight Loss Risks for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford“. This article was updated weekly, so long as Mayor Ford weighs in and is reported by the mainstream media.

On June 18, 2012, I added a wrap-up article. “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends One Cut the Waist Challenge” reviews what he accomplished and what the rest of us could learn from him.

Marathon Running is Safer than it Looks

My Jan. 17, 2012 article is “Marathon Training Unlikely to Increase Risk of Heart Attack“, which was good news to me. There are some concerns, however, and I think that my article presents a reasonable balance.

The positive news came from a Medical Xpress report, “Participating in marathons, half-marathons not found to increase risk of cardiac arrest“.

A Cautious Approach to Rhodiola rosea as a Performance Enhancing Natural Medicine

A comment to an earlier article brought Rhodiola rosea to my attention, leading to “Caution about Using Rhodiola to Enhance Sports Performance“.

Colony of Rhodiola rosea in Eurasia, image by peganum

Colony of Rhodiola rosea in Eurasia, image by peganum

Unfortunately, I can only express caution at this time. The Vikings used this herb to enhance their performance, but modern medicine leaves some questions.

A Series of Articles about Target Heart Rate

The first in this series is “Starting a Series on Target Heart Rate for Different Goals“, which introduces the concepts about different heart rates: “resting heart rate”, “target heart rate” and “maximum heart rate”.

I published the second in this series on Nov. 8th. “The Low End of Target Heart Rates” discusses what the title says: the low-intensity heart rates where you burn fat and increase aerobic efficiency.

The third is, surprisingly, “The High End of Target Heart Rates“. Yes, we try to cover both bases.

I finished in December with “Personal Report on Target Heart Rates…“. Did I “achieve” my maximum heart rate? Read the article to learn!

Trade-off for Speed versus Distance when Training for Running

My own experiences this past week, both as a runner and in discussing running with others, led to “Tradeoffs for Running Speed versus Training Distance“. The article explains why one must choose one focus, or the other, for a training session.

"Stopwatch" by smaedli (Chad Kainz)

“Stopwatch” by smaedli (Chad Kainz)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Inspired by a news item, I added some of my own experiences to “Preventing or Treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness“. The article explains how to prevent this common syndrome (DOMS), and how to treat aching muscles if they arise a day after your workout.

You Can Make Time for Fitness Anytime

The brief article on Sept. 23rd, 2011 is “Pursue Fitness Anytime and Anywhere“. The concept is to start a fitness program by fitting small activities into your busy day. You don’t need to commit to a massive program; just start some good habits! Getting free advice can help, too.

A Pair of Articles for Weight Control through Mind Games

Recent blog posts at DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control are “Mind Games for Weight Control Dieting” and “More Mind Games for Successful Weight Loss Diets“.

"Cat with Corn Chips" by Pretty Poo Eater

“Cat with Corn Chips” by Pretty Poo Eater

It’s pretty easy to see who lost this mind game!

My article is based on new research that says dieters are more likely to succeed in controlling their weight by setting up “triggers” to help start and stop eating. I had used a similar approach for my own weight control program.

The phrase “mind games” is a reminder that even something as serious as personal health through weight control can be approached with fun and creativity.

Risky Soft Drinks

My previous entry at DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control is “New Risk Found for Soft Drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup“.

"Energy Drinks with Caffeine: Von Dutch, et al" by "{* ferris!"

“Energy Drinks with Caffeine: Von Dutch, et al” by “{* ferris!”

Both soda pop and energy drink formulations use high fructose corn syrup; so do many other commercially-prepared foods. Please read this article if you drink five soft drinks a day…the new research might save your long-term health.

My previous entry at this site is “Never Too Young to Risk Your Health by Lack of Exercise“. It was inspired by some Swedish research on 9-year-old children who really needed to get more exercise in order to stay healthy.

Fitness Coaching Services

Mike provides coaching for fitness, and also in weight control for a trimmer body through DeHaan Services.

Hands-on fitness coaching is available in Toronto, Ontario.

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