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No, there really is noDecoded Miscellaneous“. While Decoded Science was the original online magazine site by Victoria Nicks, it is now the flagship for a fleet with similar standards for the quality and authority of content. When her writers at Decoded Science were brainstorming about the various possibilities, I suggested “Decoded Encryption” as a self-contradicting term. Most didn’t catch the joke. Later, someone called the group of sites the “Decoded Empire”; that may become a reality over time!

This page links to my articles at the various Decoded sites. The headings will be in alphabetical order, and the articles within each site will be in chronological sequence.

DeHaan at Decoded Plants

Someone suggested geometry for gardening, and I could not resist.

  1. Green Math: How to Apply Geometry to a Square Foot Garden” was published Jan. 7, 2015. Actually, the notion of gardening in a limited space, and planning each square foot, is a brilliant one. Geometry lets you be more creative in using the limited space.

DeHaan at Decoded Pregnancy

Yes, Editor and Publisher Nicks asked me to write about math for those who are pre-pregnant, expectant and recently delivered. As Decoded Pregnancy prepares to launch, their “Our Writers Page” reminds me of attending Home and School Association meetings for its gender imbalance.

  1. What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? Math For Pregnancy Prediction” explains the probability of eye colour based on genetics.
  2. Will I Have a Boy or a Girl? Predicting Your Baby’s Gender” continues the math of predicting your baby’s characteristics. In this case, we examine the baby gender predictor.
  3. How Tall Will Your Baby Be When He Grows Up? Calculating Height Early” gives a baby height predictor based on the parents’ height.
  4. Chances of Getting Pregnant: Math Estimates the Answers” explains, in part, why it’s reasonable for women to try to conceive naturally for a year or more before seeking a medical intervention.
  5. We continued our statistical study of gestation with “The Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins” on Aug. 1st, 2013.
  6. Clinical physicians and embryologists calculate the age of the fetus from different starting points. Read my “Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Math” to learn how to translate.
  7. The “Probability of Ectopic Pregnancy: The Math Behind Atypical Implantation” article explains some statistics about this fairly rare but high-risk condition.

Obviously the Decoded Miscellaneous brand is just beginning to develop. This page is up-to-date as of Sept. 20, 2013.

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