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This is simply a chronological hyperlink list of Mike DeHaan’s channels and articles at Suite 101, which might also be known as Suite101.

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As of Nov. 5, 2012, Suite 101 is emerging from a rebuild. I’ve begun creating and populating channels, which are groups of articles from a number of authors but with a single tight focus. At this moment, these channels might not be visible to people who are not logged-in to Suite 101, but I want to start my list already.

List of Mike DeHaan’s Channels at Suite 101

Here is my very small list, in approximate alphabetical order.

List of Mike DeHaan’s Articles at Suite 101

Here is the list, with the most recent at the bottom:

This list is complete as of Feb. 13, 2013.

Selected Reference Sites

Each of my Suite 101 articles lists its own reference materials. I wanted to add to that with a few notes about recently-used reference articles.

EBSCO Publishing, NY University Langone Medical center, “Rhodiola rosea: Principal Proposed Uses; Other Proposed Uses“, which helped inform me of potential medical uses for Rhodiola rosea.

PhysOrg, “Quadrantid meteors set to perform on January 4th“, provided guidance for my article about the Quadrantids.

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