Suite 101 Articles by Other Authors in “My” Channels

In late 2012, Suite 101 restructured its content. All existing articles remained in the site, and can be found through online searches. Each new article, however, must be added to a channel.

What are channels in Suite 101? Why did I create this page about these channels?

What is a Suite 101 Channel?

A channel is a topic area, as tightly defined as the channel’s creator wants to make it. Existing articles can be added to channels. The only limitation is that any one article can only belong to one channel at a time. I moved several of my existing Suite 101 articles to channels, and will continue to do so until I’m happy with the arrangements.

Readers can browse through the list of articles that belong to a channel.

The channel’s creator can invite others to become authors for that channel. It may be possible for authors in a channel to edit another author’s articles within that channel.

Why Highlight Other Authors’ Articles that Reside in “My” Suite 101 Channels?

The channel’s creator, and each author, is responsible for publicizing their own articles. On the other hand, we benefit from the potential for readers to browse through the common channel.

Articles by Other Authors in “My” Suite 101 Channels

Each sub-heading in this section is a channel with at least one article by another author.

Amish Culture, Current Events, History and Religion

My general “Amish” channel currently has one article by another author.

  • Amish Beard Cutting” by Lisa Loewen, explains how cutting an Amish man’s beard against his will could be considered a hate crime.
Insect Pests: Annoying, Dangerous, Disgusting or Simply Zoic

Rena Sherwood joined my “Insect Pests” channel with four of her previous articles. Her titles are wonderfully self-descriptive.

Invasive Species Respect No Boundaries

Rena Sherwood and Helen McGranahan have joined my Invasive Species channel.

  • But they haven’t contributed yet!

This page is up to date as of February 15, 2013.

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