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My articles at Wizzley will range over a variety of topics. Authors who want to write and earn there are invited to use my referral link for Wizzley.

"The Question of the Senator's Wife who was Thrown from an Airplane" by Mike DeHaan

“The Question of the Senator’s Wife who was Thrown from an Airplane” by Mike DeHaan

List of Mike DeHaan’s Articles on the Wizzley Platform

My list of articles has only begun, with the earliest at the start:

  1. How to Exercise at a Good Heart Rate discusses cardiovascular conditioning, or “cardio training”
  2. The Mike DeHaan Wizzography is my “author’s page and autobiography”, and includes links to my other blogs. This page will be updated from time to time.
  3. Air, Table Salt and Water in a Home Experiment about Mars” includes ideas for making this simple experiment into a full-fledged science project.
  4. When a Senator’s Wife was Tossed from a Plane” is my first attempt at telling a joke using an image; I placed it into the Wizzley context to demonstrate copyright before simply posting the picture on Facebook where it seems to have been ignored.

Let’s see how quickly my list grows in 2012; it is accurate as of September 7, 2012.

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