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My articles at Xanga only serve as a promotional tool for my other articles. This page is a list for my convenience, since Xanga does not make it easy for their authors to find old blog posts.

List of Mike DeHaan’s Articles on the Xanga Platform

My list of articles has only begun, with the earliest at the start:

  1. How to Personalize Primes” publicized a light-hearted Decoded Science article about mathematicians whose names have been linked to different groups of prime numbers.
  2. Higher Target Heart Rates” promoted one of a series in DeHaan Fitness.
  3. Blending Tomato, Papaya, Wasp and Whitefly in Florida” brought attention to an Environmental Graffiti article explaining one path to eco-friendly pest control.
  4. How the Amish Turn the Other Cheek” publicized my Suite 101 article that responded to a tragedy that struck an Amish community.
  5. We Have a Power Set in Your Size” played with the notion in my Decoded Science article, that mathematical “power sets” actually do come in different sizes.
  6. Neither Touch nor Eat Lionfish” because they are pretty dangerous in various ways.
  7. Reindeer are Really Cool“, and not just over the Christmas holidays.
  8. What are the Odds of a Series on Probability?” promoted the first introductory article I wrote on this subject for Decoded Science.
  9. Getting into the Christmas Articles” publicized a promotional DeHaan Services article highlighting all the Yule seasonal articles I had written for several platforms.
  10. The Allais Paradox Influences How You Choose One Lottery over Another” referred to one of my “many” Decoded Science articles on paradoxes. This particular conundrum is as much psychological as mathematical.
  11. How Will the NHL Adapt to Head Concussion Injuries?” pointed to a Suite 101 article, written when these injuries were taking a well-publicized toll upon National Hockey League athletes.
  12. Toronto Physics Breakthrough Gains International Recognition” promoted my DeHaan Services blog congratulating some University of Toronto researchers.
  13. Target my Heart Rate” publicized the final installment of a …Fitness… series.
  14. How Do Birds Use Ultraviolet Vision?” followed my recent article about avian vision, as well as a prior article about reindeer with similar sensitivity.
  15. A Masters Opportunity for an Indoor 3000m Race in Toronto” links to my article about an upcoming masters’ age group track event that was available to the general public.
  16. Do You Want Discrete Probability Functions?” promotes a Decoded Science article on this subject.
  17. Timeless Furniture You Should Pursue in January 2012” points to a DeHaan Services article that pointed to several previous articles, which were first instigated by mentioning Mennonite furniture in Suite 101‘s “Mennonite, Amish and Shaker Products“.
  18. “Please Have a Good Heart Rate” points to my first Wizzley article.
  19. Leading to the 2012 Toronto New Year Levee” was my final Xanga promotional article of 2011.
  20. Will You Watch the 2012 Quadrantid Meteor Shower?” began the year 2012.
  21. Recognition for Mathematicians at Annual Convention in Jan. 2012“.
  22. Who’s Looking for TD? Ontario, at Least!” reflected on puzzling search popularity for ‘TD‘. Was it the Canadian bank?
  23. Rhodiola rosea in Triplicate“, since I was promoting three different articles about this plant!
  24. Starting with Conditional Probability“.
  25. Take Care with Conditional Probability“.
  26. Have a Heart for Marathon Training“.
  27. Can Crash Diets be Risky?“, inspired by Rob Ford’s “Cut the Waist” challenge. Who ever said that Toronto mayor Rob Ford is not inspirational?
  28. The Paradox of Richardian Numbers“.
  29. Your Briefing for Groundhog Day“.
  30. Two Toronto Triathlons in 2012“.
  31. Reconciliation between Lutherans and Mennonites” in Germany.
  32. Nahar Touts a Better Cube Root Function“. In February 2012, Mr. Nirbhay Singh Nahar, from Agra in India, claimed to have significantly improved the process of determining the cube root of any number. By the end of June 2012, his process had not yet been confirmed.
  33. Why Would an Athlete or Dieter take Clenbuterol?“.
  34. Diet Success without High Motivation?“.
  35. The Turing Machine is Not for Travellers“.
  36. Toronto’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade for 2012“.
  37. Is Your Table Salt Getting Enough Moisture?“.
  38. Sugar Beet Juice plus Salt Equals Less Ice on Roads“.
  39. Burlington Gives Jefferson Salamanders Safety for Breeding“.
  40. Judea Pearl Received the 2011 Turing Award“.
  41. A Universal Turing Machine is Math, not Astronomy“.
  42. Peace in the USA for Lutherans and Mennonites“.
  43. Making Use of a Poor TorontoHenge in April 2012“.
  44. Turing’s Halting Problem“.
  45. Impersonally Arranged Marriages“.
  46. Kudzu is No Longer Just for Americans“.
  47. Did Canadians Prepare for Emergencies in 2012?“. Did any other Canadians notice our national “Emergency Preparedness Week”?
  48. Presidential Pollsters versus Statistics” promoted a Decoded Science article looking at the math behind political polling.
  49. An Invitation to Toronto’s Doors Open 2012“.
  50. 5 DeHaan Articles in May 2012” dealt with the invasive Northern Snakehead fish found in British Columbia; a weight loss tip; a guest article in DeHaan Fitness about continuing to exercise while battling cancer; the Toronto Island Ferry service before the summer season; and the Toronto event, DesiFEST.
  51. The Turing Machine Defeated the Decision Problem“.
  52. Promoting Twin Cycling Articles“.
  53. 6 Picks for Toronto’s Festival Luminato 2012“.
  54. 3 Strangers Who Walk the Levy Walk“.
  55. Catch an International Beat at a 2012 Drum Festival in Toronto“.
  56. Twin Articles for One Toronto Challenge“.
  57. Jack Fights Archimedes for a Sinking Titanic Raft“.
  58. Northern Snakehead Fish Caught in Burnaby, Canada“.
  59. How Well Toronto Mayor Ford Cut the Waist“.
  60. 2012 Canada Day Events in Toronto“.
  61. The Poorly-Kept Secret of the 2012 Toronto Waterfront Festival“.
  62. Summerlicious 2012 Features Restaurants in Toronto“.
  63. Toronto Afrofest Moves to Woodbine Park in 2012“.
  64. One Euclidean Trilogy, Please“.
  65. A Unity Festival for Toronto in 2012“.
  66. South Asia Visits Toronto’s Little India in 2012“.
  67. Love and Loathing for Thrips” promotes my Environmental Graffiti article about this family of insect.

Let’s see how quickly my list grows in 2012; it is accurate so far as it goes, but NOT YET COMPLETE as of July 13, 2012.

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