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The DeHaan Blog of Writing, hosted by Weebly, is a “work in progress” and still being designed. It is organized into several sections, but all have links from this page in my Directory.

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The Sections of the DeHaan Blog of Writing

The main section is, shockingly, a blog where I promote my other articles and write about the process of writing. Almost every promotional blog entry includes one or more writing tips, which someday will be collected into a separate section. The first section of this current page will point to blog entries that are truly articles unto themselves; I will not list the purely promotional entries.

The site also has a blog dedicated to “Weebly Tips“. The contents began with observations in my “Weebly Xperimental Blog”, but should someday become a useful reference for online authors who are struggling with the Weebly publishing setup.

It also has an excessive number of stand-alone pages. Besides the “About” and “Privacy Policy” pages, I had begun using Weebly by writing each “blog entry” as a separate “page”. Those pages will not be listed here.

Selected Blog Articles in the DeHaan Blog of Writing

These links are in reverse chronological order: the newest is at the top. Again, these are only selected articles.

  1. It’s rare for me to write four articles in five days, even if they are related to one them, but “Quadruple 2015 Canada Day Articles at DeHaan Services” has a writing tip about photography rather than about volume.
  2. Is the writing tip fairly obvious from the title, “Inspired by Buying Tickets Online for the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto“?
  3. I wrote “A Victory Parade and a Writing Tip” under a deadline; guess what the writing tip covers?
  4. One Writing Tip from Two Running Tips for Cold Weather” promotes both a DeHaan Fitness article and a related post in DeHaan Services, and adds a writing tip.
  5. Research Session Gave Birth to Twin Articles” explains how I wrote two articles from one research session. It also notes how to make use of this, in my writing tip. (Feb. 13, 2015).
  6. TD is an Oddly Popular Search Term in Ontario” starts with finding that ‘TD’ has been the object of many searches in Ontario, but uses this as the trigger to discuss using Google Insights for Search to help with online writing. (Jan. 7, 2012).
  7. TraffUP Tips for Safe and Effective Web Traffic Improvement“: the TraffUP site supports a “traffic exchange” program. It is appropriate for direct sales (including affiliate marketing) or just increasing visits to your non-monetized site. Do not exchange traffic for your monetized sites because Google (and any other pay-per-view advertising company) will drop your account like a rotten tomato. (July 27, 2011 and since revised).
  8. Seven Insects to Remove from Your Home” points to several of my articles for Environmental Graffiti and Suite 101 about common pesky insects. (June 8, 2011).
  9. Updates and Rewrites, or the Quest for Perfection” explains why and how I worked on rewrites for a group of Suite 101 articles about Mennonite religion and history, related religious groups, and some products made by a variety of these groups. (March 27, 2011).
  10. Dealing with One Ghost-Writing Frustration” is the background for a business tip for ghost writers. (March 25, 2011).

Weebly Tips in the DeHaan Blog of Writing

Since there is only one tip so far, here is the link to the blog itself: “Weebly Tips“.

Writing Tips in the DeHaan Blog of Writing

This section will be built in the future.

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