DeHaan Tips for Your Weebly Blog

These Weebly Blog Tips are located under my Blog of Writing in my directory because that blog is hosted by Weebly. As I use Weebly to write those articles, I’m often surprised at how some little tricks can make life easier for Weebly bloggers.

"Weebly Archive List" image by Mike DeHaan

“Weebly Archive List” image by Mike DeHaan

Here are my articles, in chronological order:

  1. Introducing my Weebly Tips” is a simple introduction to my blog of tips for Weebly bloggers, including its purpose.
  2. Weebly Tip #1: Page vs Blog Post” explains the difference between a page and a post, or article, inside a blog. This is similar to the distinction inside WordPress blogs, but there are some differences in how it is handled. This article actually contains several separate tips. In fact, “Tip #2” inside this article is a cheap preview of the next blog post. “Tip #3” explains that you can have multiple blogs inside one main “blog”.
  3. Weebly Tip #2: Edit Articles via the Weebly Archive” has details about using the “archive” in the sidebar to find older articles for editing.
  4. Weebly Tip #3: How to Add Elements to the Weebly Sidebar” only starts to answer my reader’s question, but it helps you put some more content into the sidebar. Or, you could delete some default content if you really wanted.
  5. How to Add Custom HTML Code to your Weebly Free Website” is a blog post and should have been placed into the “Tips” group. Since I’ve publicized it to death, maybe I will leave it there and add a proper “Tip” to point to this entry.
  6. Weebly Tip #4 to Justify Text” shows how to justify text in Weebly, with examples of how it looks, and why you should consider justifying text in your online articles.

This page is up-to-date as of June 22, 2013.

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